Say Goodbye to Excess Inventory

Fashion industry overproduces by 40% which leads to significant revenue loss for fashion brands due to excess inventory. Introducing Lima, the cutting-edge platform that empowers fashion retailers to take control of their merchandise planning like never before.


Smart Merchandise Planning

Lima makes it easy for teams to communicate and make smart decisions using data

Automated Data Aggregation

Seamlessly integrate any platform or tool. We'll guide you on what to manufacture, in the right quantity, size, and color. And equally important, we'll also inform you about what not to manufacture, ensuring your products align with your consumers' buying preferences.

Collaborate and Align with Ease

Lima fosters collaboration across teams, breaking down silos and aligning everyone towards a unified inventory strategy. Say goodbye to misalignment and hello to seamless cooperation, driving your retail success.

Streamlined Adoption for Every Team Member

There's no need for complicated BI and data analytics platforms. We've designed our solution for easy adoption across your entire organization. Lima interacts with you, providing fast and precise planning recommendations and facilitates fruitful discussions among your manufacturing teams.

Increase you Revenue Save up to $2 Billion in Annual Costs with Lima

Reduce up to 50% of your excess inventory manufacturing

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